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He was born 1st October 1970 in Kirikkale, Turkey. He went public in 1998. He was 15 years prison directorate in the Ministry of Justice. He studied two faculties (Law and Economics and Administrative Sciences) and graduated his Master degree in Justice School, later he joined the German course at the State Language School and has professional certificates

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Hüseyin AKGÜN


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He was born 20th April 1971 in Konya/Seydişehir’de, Turkey. He graduated the law faculty in 1992. After completing his internship in 1993 he received his a lawyer license and he is working as a free lawyer for more than 24 years. He participated several seminars and got his certificates in Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Law of Expropriation and Mediation.

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He was born on 02.02.1994 in Fatih district of İstanbul. In 2018, she graduated from Çankaya University, Faculty of Law. He holds a Master's degree in Execution and Bankruptcy Law and has expertise in Labor and Commercial Law. At the same time, there are many certificates and vocational trainings in these fields. Trademark-Patent Law, Land, Air and Sea Transportation Law is also improving itself. She submitted her thesis to the Izmir Bar Association on Refugee Law in 2019 and successfully completed it. Currently, he is actively working as a top level manager in foundation and association activities. He speaks English and German.

"Lawyers did not use slaves, but they had no masters." Molierac

Halit Can DÜNDAR


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He was born on 19.05.1994 in Istanbul. In 2018, he graduated from Istanbul Beykent University Faculty of Law with high honor certificate. He holds a master's degree in private law from the University of St. Petersburg. He is currently studying at the Philosophy Department of Istanbul University. He is fluent in Russian and English. He is an expert in the fields of Execution-Bankruptcy Law, Start-up Law and Criminal Law and is currently active in the field of Labor Law and Commercial Law.

"Let him find his place, if he wants to kill the apocalypse." Freud



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He was born on 31.12.1995 in Istanbul. He graduated from the Vocational School of Justice in Istanbul. He graduated from the Internacionalni Univerzitet Travnik Faculty of Law in 2018. He also graduated from Anadolu University, Department of Finance. He completed his postgraduate education at the International University of Sarajevo. Executive Law She has expertise in business and commercial law. He presented his thesis on merger of companies in international law. He is currently working in the field of Execution Law and Labor Law. He speaks fluent Bosnian and English.

"The existence of a nation whose state of justice is not independent is unacceptable." Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

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